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Horse riding
Book ahead (the day before at the latest) at the Centre équestre “Le Crotet” , a 20-minute drive from La Verrerie.
Kayaking on the Loire
Explore the last untamed river in Europe with Loire - Nature - Découverte
Tasting Loire wines
At the château or the vineyard. Please ask for details at reception.
  Golf du Sancerrois
Between the Loire and the vineyards…come and discover the outstanding location of the Golf du Sancerrois, a 30-minute drive from La Verrerie.

Exploring Sologne, Sancerre, Pays-Fort and the Val de Loire
Mountain-biking or cycling, with or without a guide.
La Ferme du Pays-Fort.






A picturesque town on the borders of Berry and Sologne with a rich past, Aubigny-sur-Nère was handed over to the Stuarts at the beginning of the 15th century and run as an outpost of Scotland.
The town boasts an outstanding collection of half-timbered houses, dating back to the Renaissance.
The Stuart dynasty had a lasting effect on Aubigny as it built the town’s château, as well as the Chatêau de la Verrerie in Oizon, 10 kms away.

Aubigny is a garden town, as well as being a showcase of history and art, with its “street museum” - a unique collection of half-timbered houses, built during the Renaissance period, that bear witness to the shared history of the Scottish and French kingdoms.


Witness to some of the greatest moments of French history, the architectural heritage of Bourges brings its prestigious past to life, with St Stephen’s Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Etienne), the Palace of Jacques-Cœur, timber-framed houses and mansions built in gothic, renaissance and then classical styles.

Bourges doubtless owes its 19th century economic and demographic growth to Napoleon III, who chose the city for the French Arsenal and Imperial Foundry. The city thus became a major arms centre, which lead to the creation of a number of projects that continued throughout the 20th century, including the Berry canal, railways, wide avenues and new districts.

Bourges cathedral

A masterpiece of gothic art, Saint Stephen’s cathedral in Bourges is unique in its design.
Listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, the cathedral is the most outstanding building to mark the birth of classic gothic architecture.

The Palace of Jacques-Coeur

The Grant Maison of Jacques Cœur, treasurer to King Charles VII, was built between 1443 and 1451 and is a rare example of 15th century civil gothic architecture.

Bourges marshes

These used to be a natural defence for the city, but they are now part of the urban landscape, a 10-minute walk from the centre.
A perfect place for a stroll, the 135 hectares of pleasant gardens are criss-crossed by canals and streams.


Route Jacques-Cœur

The Route Jacques-Cœur was founded in 1954 on the initiative of the owners of the Châteaux de Culan, Ainay-le-Vieil and Meillant. Initially known as the "Circuit des Châteaux du Cœur de la France", the oldest Historic Road in France offered guided tours, together with night-time visits and illuminations. The tone was set.
Over the last 53 years, the Route Jacques-Cœur has been continually developing and innovating to the great pleasure of visitors. Half a century further on, membership has increased and the Route now has 16 members.
The president of the association, Béraud de Vogüé, the owner of the Château de La Verrerie, together with all the members, have worked passionately to enable you to explore all the richness of their region, as you wind your way down the Route…

Monuments to be found along the Route Jacques-Cœur :

Château de Gien Musée des Métiers d’Argent sur Sauldre               
Château d’Aubigny-sur-Nère Château de Le Verrerie  
Château de La Chapelle d’Angillon Château de Ménetou-Salon  
Château de Maupas Sancerre  
Bourges Palais Jacques-Coeur  
Dun-sur-Auron Château de Meillant  
Abbaye de Noirlac Musée St Vic de Saint-Amand-Montrond   
Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil  Château de Culan  


La Borne, a potters’ village

La Borne is the only place in France that combines contemporary ceramic creations with traditional pottery.

Why not visit...
Chapelle de La Borne
18250 Henrichemont



Les Châteaux de la Loire

A 1h30 de la Verrerie


 Château de Chenonceau
We would like to compare Chenonceau to the other châteaux of the Loire Valley, but the delightful garden, the peace that sometimes reigns in its cedar forests and the beauty of the monument itself, make it quite simply incomparable!
 Le Château d’Azay-le-Rideau
A "facetted diamond set in the Indre river"
Honoré de Balzac

 Château de Blois
Chambord is of course not the only château built by François I. The château de Blois also has a wing bearing his name that was built around 1515, at which time the Italian influence on architecture was particularly strong.
 Château de Chambord
This is the most famous and most majestic château of the Loire Valley. Set in the largest enclosed park of France, its rich past and magnificent architecture fill visitors with wonder.
Le Château d’Amboise
The château d'Amboise is considered the birthplace of the French Renaissance.
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