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This room is named after Abbé Chabot, the Vogüé family chaplain at La Verrerie from 1920 to 1940. Abbé Chabot came to celebrate services at Christmas and Easter. The Château chapel was used as the parish church for the hamlet of Les Naudins, a kilometre away, until 1960.

The Chambre Chabot is located in the main house, built by Béraud Stuart in the 15th century. The large original fireplace was restored in 1830 by the Dukes of Richmond.

The first floor was reserved for the family and guests, and the second floor for the children and staff. As with many other bedrooms, these were built in pairs. One for Monsieur and one for Madame. They shared the same bathroom and, no doubt… occasionally the same bed.

The ground floor was remodelled in 1968 by Count Antoine de Vogüé, the father of the current owner, Count Béraud de Vogüé.

The Salon Rose (meeting room) was a boxroom, in which many “things” were piled up. The library and family kitchen have taken the place of the linen room and the cold storerooms. The current cloakroom and linen room were originally used for keeping shoes!!
The dining room, with its large fireplace, where breakfast is served, was installed in the old kitchen. The reception used to be the children’s dining room.

Adults used the ground floor lounges of the south wing, built in 1890 by Marquis Louis de Vogüé, the great-grandfather of Béraud de Vogüé. You may visit these rooms with the guide.

Countess Antoine de Vogüé, the mother of Béraud de Vogüé, restored and decorated the first floor rooms which were opened to guests in 1982.

We wish you an enjoyable stay and will do our utmost to ensure that you will have fond memories of the Château de La Verrerie.
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