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This room is named after Marchioness Louis de Vogüé, born Princess Louise d’Aremberg, the great grandmother of the current owner, Count Béraud de Vogüé.

Her husband, Marquis Louis de Vogüé, slept in the adjoining room, now called the “Chambre Marquis”. As with the other bedrooms, they were built in pairs. One for Monsieur and one for Madame. They shared the same bathroom and, no doubt… occasionally the same bed.

The small lounge in the tower was where she received, in turn and in a pre-determined order, her maid at 8am, her maître d’hôtel at 8.30, followed by her children and great grandchildren starting at 9am, at 10 minute intervals.

It was also from this window that she would signal, using her “pibole”, or small pipe, the end of their bathing time (in the lake) on fine summer days.

The photos are among those that were on display during her lifetime.

Her husband, Marquis Louis de Vogüé, oversaw the building of all the south face of the Château, in 1890.

The ground floor housed the reception rooms, including the main dining room, gallery, billiard room, the main lounge with a boudoir and the library. You may visit these rooms with the guide.

Countess Antoine de Vogüé, the mother of Béraud de Vogüé, restored and decorated the first floor rooms, which were opened to guests in 1982.

We wish you an enjoyable stay and will do our utmost to ensure that you will have fond memories of the Château de La Verrerie.
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