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Spot and stalk or high-seat stand shooting
Selective shooting or game harvest
From June to February, depending on game

Stags – Roe deer – Wild boar
(depending on the season and the hunting plan)
Rifles or bows


130 € for one outing, 245 € for two

Fawn and doe: 480 €
Stags up to 8 points: 1100 €
Large stags: depending on hunting trophy
Wild boar under 50kg: 250 €
Wild boar above 50kg: 400 €
Roe deer with fewer than 3 points: 110 €
Roe deer with more than 3 points: 180 € and + depending on hunting trophy


A packed lunch or 28 € p.p (not including wine) at the restaurant La Maison d’Hélène (located in the park of the Château).

Breakfast: 14 € p.p

Terms and conditions:
- 150 € deposit to book the day
- the balance and any extras can be paid on the day
- in the event of cancellation, deposits are only refunded if we are able to re-book the outing under the same terms.

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